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In case of a Pet Emergency, Call Us Immediately at 253.939.6272 or 253.939.2238

Monday to Friday -  6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Saturday - 12:00 noon until Monday 8:00 a.m.
Major Holidays - Open 24 hours

602 Auburn Way North, Auburn, Washington 98002 (new address effective 12-15-15)
253.939.6272 or 253.939.2238 Office  ll  253.939.0000 Fax

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When a pet crosses the rainbow bridge they become a spirit in the sky.

We think they are separated from us by distance, but that is an illusion. My pets are always touching my heart and I believe there is a cord of love between us that is eternal. It’s a love that doesn’t diminish with time and has a life of its own.

A pet owner once asked me if I thought animals had souls. My answer then and now is an absolute yes and as a soul, I think they are our equals and are eternal.

Do pets go to heaven? I believe so. I believe we come down here to learn how to love. 
Pets love unconditionally so why wouldn’t they have an afterlife. Pets are kindred souls and we should all expect to see them again someday – until then let them live in your heart and in your memories.

Dr. Michael Brown, D.V.M.