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Monday to Friday -  6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Saturday - 12:00 noon until Monday 8:00 a.m.
Major Holidays - Open 24 hours

602 Auburn Way North, Auburn, Washington 98002 (new address effective 12-15-15)
253.939.6272 or 253.939.2238 Office   ll   253.887.8450 Fax

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The Affordable Animal Emergency Clinic in Auburn is a stand-alone pet emergency hospital.  
We are open after hours during weeknights.  All hospitalized patients are watched and taken care of 24/7 by our dedicated doctor and staff.  All transfer cases are carefully treated as per order of their regular veterinarian and watched 24/7. 

We offer 
digital X-rays and in-house laboratory for diagnostics.  
We use a reputable radiologist for X-ray interpretation, if needed.  Our multiple 
oxygen chambers provide our different sized patients the required treatment for oxygen therapy.  Our pharmacy provides our clients the convenience of prescribed drugs and prescription
foods for patients.

If a patient requires a specialist, we refer them to a facility that can accommodate them.

If you have a sick pet that needs emergency care, call us at:

253.939.6272 Phone
253.939.2238 Phone
253.887.8450 Fax


What Our Clients Are Saying About Affordable Animal Emergency Clinic, Auburn, WA

Shawn S. says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Google 2 months ago
We came in Friday night, with our semi-feral cat Rowdey. He is difficult to handle, but the staff worked calmly with him, and showed no fear of him. He was quickly seen, and checked over. Fortunately, he is fine. We are so happy to live near this clinic, where the staff was friendly and caring, both to us and our pet, and we consider the "Affordable" part of the name to be quite accurate. Thank you so much for being there for us!

Paula C. S.  says 
red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5
 stars as reviewed on Google 4 months ago

Amazing service and care! The staff was very helpful and kind. I brought my Chorkie in late one night because I thought she may have an abscessed tooth. They were very sweet and let me know up front that they didn't do to much in the way of dental issues, however, they would be more than happy to take a look. The doctor was incredibly sweet and gentle. There was no abscess, thank goodness! Just a tiny ball of hair that had somehow managed to get wrapped around her tooth and had been collecting food bits. It was the evening after Thanksgiving and they were open. Even though it turned out to be nothing major, it is a huge comfort to know that they are there. They are extremely affordable, just as the name suggests. :)
Steve K. (Kent, WA) says 
red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5
 stars as reviewed on Yelp 05/20/2013

"Last week our elder boxer got into her (human) heart medications. When we found the popped open bottle on the floor with ~25-150mg pills missing we knew it was a race against time; our specialist vet said she needed vomiting induced immediately.

Auburn Vet was the closest to us so we scooped her up and started our drive. By the time we were a few minutes out she began to vomit, becoming symptomatic from the overdose. As we pulled into the parking lot and I opened the door to grab her she started to go into full body seizures...this was again increased symptoms of the overdose.

I handed the dog off to the vet technician and they immediately took her back to begin work. I never thought
I would see that dog again due to her age and the amount of prescription medications she consumed. We left with a 50/50 initial prognosis; the vet said they are not used to seeing this due to the type of medication (Mexitile) and the amount as dogs "usually" just spit capsules out after tasting them...but not ours!

We called several hours later to find out she was still in the fight. Our call in the morning and Doctor Brown said she was about 90% better! We were able to pick her up that morning for another day of observation and tests at our regular vet.
One-week later she seems to be back to has been a very difficult initial days for all of us. All I can say is thanks for the hard and ongoing work they did throughout the night, without their abilities and Dr Brown's work we would have lost a member of our family to something completely our fault!

It is the people inside who make this work!"

Russ B. (Kent, WA) says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Yelp 05/17/2013

"My 5 pound Paperanian (1/2 Papillion 1/2 Pomeranian) hurt her leg jumping out of our truck. She was in a good amount of pain and I could see it was really bothering her. I called AAEC and they said to bring her right over. It was 10:30pm when we got there. On the way there I read the Yelp reviews and my heart sunk, I became really worried. One we arrived we were let right in and taken to a patient room. The staff was very professional. After a brief period the vet came in, a Dr. Stewart, he examined my dog and within minutes found the issue which was knee cap dislocation. The vet massaged the leg and re-set the knee cap within 10 minutes of arriving and within 30 minutes we had x-rays to prove nothing more was wrong and for what I call reasonable fees we were out the door on our way home with a happier dog. My wife and I had a great experience with AAEC and because of them my little dog, whom I treat as well as my children, was diagnosed, repaired and out of pain before we left. I was impressed with Dr. Stewart's gentle handling of my dog and the fact they he allowed me to take my dog to x-ray and be there until they did the x-rays made me very happy. Today (next morning) my little Ava is trying to act like nothing happened and that is what makes me the happiest.

I had a great experience with AAEC and if I ever need an emergency vet again I will not hesitate to take my animal there. Thanks again AAEC and Dr. Stewart my little Ava is a happy and recovering girl!"

Tim A. (Kent, WA) says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Yelp 04/24/2013

"Lizzy Rolex ( my Spinone) made another visit this past Sunday for a urine leakage issue. The staff was great and Lizzy is fine. The real reason I mention this, if the Vet (Dr. Brown) here had not diagnosed a problem Lizzy had over 18 months ago she would not be here.

I took Lizzy in after coming home from work (I work Sundays) to see bloody stools and vomit. I thought perhaps ( had just returned from the beach on the sound) it was something she ate. Well it wasn't Lizzy had "HGE" now if you don't know what it is google same. This is serious stuff, they kept her there and I went home.
I got a call late at night, Lizzy was OK and appeared to be responding, second call
she was barking and doing well. I pick her up in the am and she was fine.

The Dr and staff here saved my dogs life."

Maximus S. (Kent, WA) says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Yelp 03/20/2013

"I took my German Shepherd here when he was experiencing dire bloat/twisted stomach issues and was delighted with Mike's services. His ingenuity and ability to think outside of the box helped to not only save my boy, but we spoke in depth about preventative measures and future care. The safety/health of my dog was top priority and I can't adequately explain how grateful I am. I have researched bloating in larger dogs, most vets will automatically choose expensive surgery, but we were able to avoid this. Ask questions, you'll get answers. Thank you, Mike! Anode Rods for all! "

K.M. (Kent, WA) says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Yelp 03/11/2013

I have two dogs that at various times had to be rushed to the animal hospital after hours. My first visit to Affordable Animal Emergency Clinic was around Halloween, 2011. Just after dark, our 5 year old chocolate lab had run out to the main road and was hit by a car at about 45 miles per hour. We were devastated, as he was in shock, his leg was cut to the bone and he was looking pretty bad. I rushed him to this hospital, and they got him right in. Dr. Brown was there, and he and the assistant (if memory serves me, Brittany I believe) were fantastic. There was about a 50/50 chance of survival due to the internal bleeding and shock, but after a long and restless evening, I was able to pick up my very fortunate dog baby! He had many follow-ups, but is now running and leaping in the air for his frisbee. They took very good care of him, and I am thankful for their services.

My second encounter with Affordable Animal Emergency Clinic was this past weekend (March, 2013). We have a 12 year old Lab/Shepherd mix that had been attacked by some sort of animal. His eyelid was torn open, and he was in bad shape. I took him into the emergency hospital, and we once again worked with Dr. Brown, and Brittany. Both were great to work with! They took very good care of our old boy, and stitched him up over night. It's dangerous to perform surgeries on an older dog, and with the lack of medical history since we recently adopted him. Dr. Brown was extremely careful with him and putting him under, and he is home healing now. Dr. Brown even went into unrelated further detail about the blood tests, which were helpful since I had no previous history on our 12 year old dog's health. 

As for cost, after hours emergency pet visits are always spendy.......just like emergency visits for humans at a hospital. It's based on the type of care and the after-hours service. That is just a fact, but honestly, I found that under the circumstances, this emergency animal hospital was quite affordable. Our normal vet would probably even cost more money during office hours. No complaint there.

Both of my experiences were wonderful, and I have recommended their services, and would continue to in the future! I "hope" not to have to visit them again, only for the sake of my pets!

REGARDING REVIEWS: I have read the other reviews, and everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I do think it's important to take into consideration when reading the other reviews these three things: 1) Most people that write reviews only do so when they have a negative experience. If we are honest with ourselves, even the best businesses have bad days, but I feel it's just as important to write a great review when the experience warrants one! My experiences at this emergency hospital have warranted it! 2) If you are bringing a pet in for emergency care, there is a higher stress rate, and that can definitely effect the experience. 3). They are extremely clean, and they were great with my two large dogs. I even had to use their restroom, and I can honestly say that the facilities are very clean and comfortable for the pets.

All in All, I had a FIVE STAR experience, BOTH visits! I would not hesitate to take any of my pets there again!!"

Marla L. (Federal Way, WA) says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Yelp 02/22/2013

"If you are looking for fancy or a good bedside manner this is not the place for you. But, if you are looking for someone to fix your animal friend without all kinds of additional, expensive tests this is your place. No, not a fancy place but, was able to get in right away with a $65 visit fee, about the same as my regular vet and this was on a Sunday! The doctor was gruff but, cut to the chase. I had already spent $440 at my regular vet and saw no improvement. Dr Brown gave my ailing cat some meds and rehydrated her. When I got home the cat, who had been laying around in my closet for 4 days, not eating, went outside and sat in the sun. Shortly after she starting eating and had a very speedy recovery. I am so thankful for them and fully intent to return. Again, not warm and fuzzy but, exactly what I was looking for."

Amber J. (Bonney Lake, WA) says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Yelp 05/30/2013

"I agree with Angela from Auburn. I have had to visit the emergency center with our dog on two separate occasions, a couple of years apart and each time I felt the care given to my dog and the time spent with me was amazing. I wish they could be our regular vet. As to some of the other comments, I don't need my vet to be shiny and modern, I just need them to be knowledgeable and caring. I would prefer to pay a little less for the service than see a bunch of money spent on the surroundings."

Sprinkles B. (Auburn, WA) says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Yelp 04/09/2012

“My cat 's rear portion and tail was literally chomped by an animal with canine teeth. He had infection, swelling, and much abscess around the entire area. It was a very close call fo him. Both my cat, and I were comforted from the moment we entered the clinic, and, to be honest I was amazed at how my very sick and frightened animal automatically trusted and let the attending nurse and vet take care of him, although it was a painful procedure. He obviously trusted them and relaxed when they came near. I was so thankful and would never hesitate taking an animal to this clinic. My cat lived through the adventure, and is doing extremely well, thanks to God and these wonderful people who truly love animals. They even called a couple days after sending us home, to check on him and see that he was doing well. I would never hesitate to take my animals to this clinic, and the prices were not even as expensive as previous regular vet visits. Thank you VERY much.”

Ben S. (Auburn, WA) says red,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmarkred,star,favourite,bookmark 5/5 stars as reviewed on Yelp 03/03/2012

“On January 25th, 2012, our Pitt Bull "Mason" was hit by a truck. When I arrived at the accident scene I could see he had multiple severe lacerations on this hind legs, burns on his belly, a crushed tail, and he was bleeding profusely.

I called the Affordable Animal Clinic in Auburn, Washington, explained the nature of Mason's injuries and was told " bring him right in." The staff were compassionate and professional in their dealings with Mason and my family.

A short time later we were in an examination room where we met DVM Michael Brown.
Dr. Brown assessed Mason's injuries and we discussed a course of action. Mason stayed overnight at the clinic and came home the next day. The care Mason recieved from Dr. Brown was exceptional and we were able to care for Mason at home with his instructions.

As a former K-9 Handler with the U.S. Department of Justice I have utilized numerous vets across the United States. Dr. Brown is by far the best Vet I have ever dealt with.”